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Springwell Water Filtration Reviews

By: David Trinh
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Springwell Water

So you’re looking for a top of the line whole house water filter or softener made by a company that has an outstanding reputation for quality products at an affordable price.

Springwell Water meets these criteria.

In this review, we will discuss Springwell Water as a company, their history, products, technical specifications, innovation, where they stand in the market, and why their products are some of the best around.

About Springwell Water


Springwell water has been in business for over 20 years and was founded for the sole purpose of filling a need in the residential water filtration industry.

They believe that every family deserves the absolute purest water available, and they are driven to ensure the best products at the best price with an industry-leading 6-month money-back guarantee.

For Over Two Decades Springwell has been designing, building, and packaging its products in the U.S.A at its Central Florida Facility. This allows them to ensure the best possible products for all customers.

Overall, Springwell has excellent customer service and they have been in the water business for over 20 years providing top of the line products at an affordable price. It’s always great to know that they produce their products in the USA.

Springwell Water Top Products

Springwell focuses on producing the best whole-house systems. The main systems they sell are whole house filters, salt-free and salt-based softeners, well water systems, and combination filter and softener systems.

Below is a comparison table of their top models.

CF1 Whole House Filter
  • 1,000,000 gallon capacity
  • Activflo 4-stage filtration design
  • Removes chlorine, chloramine, PFOA, PFAS PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, haloacetic acids and more
FS1 Futuresoft Salt-Free Softener
  • 99.6% scale prevention
  • Does not use any chemicals
  • Zero drop water pressure and wastes no water
CSF1 Whole House Filter & Salt-Free Softener
  • 1,000,000 gallon capacity
  • Combines both filter and futuresoft softener
  • Top notch filtration and zero waste, chemical free softening
WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter
  • Perfect if you have a private well with iron, manganese, or sulfur
WSSF-1 Whole House well water filter & salt-free softener
  • Perfect if you have a private well that has both iron, manganese, or sulfur and hard water
  • Remove up to 8 PPM of Hydrogen Sulfide, up to 7 PPM Iron and 1 PPM Manganeser
  • Lifetime warranty
LCR-1 Whole House Lead and Cyst Removal System
  • 100,000 gallon capacity
  • Removes 99% of lead and cysts
  • Lifetime warranty

#1 Springwell CF1 Whole House Water Filter

The CF1 model from Springwell is one of their most popular and affordable water filter for the whole house.

This unit is best for people with city municipal water that needs to be filtered.

The CF1 uses a catalytic coconut shell carbon and certified KDF media to target and remove contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, PFOA, PFAS, PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, haloacetic acids, and more.

Springwell’s ActivFlo filter technology is a 4 stage proprietary design that allows the most contact time between the filtration media and water removing the most contaminants on the market.

This system is also very low maintenance. You will only need to replace the 5 micron pre-filter every 6-9 months. The system will not cause a drop in water pressure in your home.

Overall, if you get your water from a city source and need to filter it to remove contaminants this whole house CF1 system is a perfect pick to get the job done.


#2 Springwell FS1 Futuresoft Salt-Free Softener

The FS1 Salt-Free softener from Springwell is one of the best salt-free softeners on the market.

If you live in a hard water area and have scale on your appliances and pipes then this system is for you.

This system provides 99% scale prevention without using any harsh chemicals or salt like traditional water softeners use.

The model also ensures that you will have zero drop in water pressure throughout your home.

Unlike traditional softeners, this system from Springwell doesn’t waste any water and does not discharge any salt brine into the environment which makes it totally environmentally friendly.

Note: if you have a private well then you will also need to pre-treat and filter out iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and copper that could damage the futuresoft media. If you’re on city water then this will work great.

Overall, if you are looking for a salt-free water softener this model is a great choice to consider.


#3 Springwell CSF1 Whole House Filter & Salt-Free Softener

This CSF1 model from Springwell combines both the whole house filter and salt-free softener models we discussed above in one whole-home product.

This is ideal for people who have both hard water and need to filter out contaminants in their city water supply.

You get the best of both worlds with the 4-stage ActivFlo filter technology in the filter and the environmentally friendly salt-free softener that wastes no water and doesn’t eliminate salt brine into the environment.

This model has a 1,000,000 gallon capacity, a 6-month money-back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves.

Overall, this is Springwell’s most comprehensive whole-home solution that combines salt-free softening and water filtration making it great for people with hard water and the need for filtration.


#4 WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter

This WS1 model from Springwell is a whole house well water filtration system.

This is ideal for people who have a private well and need to filter out iron, manganese, or sulfur from the groundwater.

This system is a top pick in our best whole house water filters for well water list.

This system will help you get rid of rotten smelling water, red stains, and other contaminants that accumulate in your well water from the ground.

The system removes up to 8 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide, up to 7 ppm Iron, and 1 ppm Manganese. The system also requires no maintenance and can be set to have a daily backwash to remove the accumulated contaminants and replenish the filter media bed. The regeneration process also adds a fresh air pocket to the system which removes the sulfur smell you may have.

Springwell also offers a 6-month money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on parts. If you have a private well and need cleaner purer water then this system is an excellent choice.


#5 Springwell WSSF-1 Whole House Well Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener

This model from Springwell is a whole house well water filter and softener in one unit.

This is ideal for someone who has a private well and has iron, manganese, sulfur, as well as hard water that is causing scale buildup on your appliances.

Like the previous model above this contains the filtration system that removes 8 ppm of hydrogen sulfide, 7 ppm iron, and 1 ppm manganese.

This unit also includes the salt-free softening system that has template-assisted crystallization (TAC) which converts hardness causing minerals in the water to hardness crystals that will not stick to any surface in your home.

Like all of their models, Springwell offers a 6-month money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on parts.

Overall, if you are looking for a filter and softener for your well then this is the model you need.


#6 LCR-1 Whole House Lead and Cyst Removal System

The last model we are reviewing from Springwell is the LCR-1 which is a whole house lead and cyst removal system.

This unit is ideal for people who have lead, cysts, chlorine, chloramine, and other harmful contaminants in their water.

This system has a 100,000-gallon capacity, lifetime warranty, and 6-month satisfaction guarantee like all other Springwell products.

Springwell’s system is specifically designed at a 0.5-micron nominal filtration level to remove both particulate and soluble lead from your drinking water.

Lead can have an impact on human health and it’s best to filter out lead in your water to reduce harmful health impacts.

Overall, this system is great if you are experiencing lead and cysts in your water supply.


Springwell Water Customer Service and Guarantee

One of the best things about purchasing your filter or softener from Springwell is their top-notch customer service and warranties.

If you have any questions or concerns about the filters you can reach out online and one of their reps will handle your issues quickly.

I have contacted Springwell and was very pleased with the customer service and the information they were willing to provide as well as the overall friendliness of their support team.

Also, Springwell has some of the best guarantees and warranties on the market ensuring that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Most products include:

  • Lifetime warranty on tanks and valves
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Financing options
  • Factory direct savings if you buy from Springwell

Overall, with these amazing benefits that are included with all products and their great customer service, we would highly recommend going through Springwell for your water filter or softener needs.

Consumer Reviews on Springwell

I read through a bunch of customer feedback on Springwell’s site, Amazon, and other internet retailers, and here are a few of the comments about their products.

It was hard to find negative comments besides a few that mentioned they accidentally forgot to ship a part.


“This product was pretty easy to install and we are enjoying it. The only reason I put one less star is we think that an extra small piece should be included. We had one break on installation and waited for another one to be delivered (which was pretty quick).”


“I wanted to get a water filter system for our house. I wasn’t really sure who to go with. I compared all products and Springwell had the best customer service. They answered all my questions even after I bought my system. I had to get a few quotes with a few plumbers though. Some of them will try and rip you off. Thank you Springwell for all your help.”


“My wife had me install this whole house water filter system and we couldn’t be happier. They offered a great price with a lifetime warranty. The taste of our water is great and my wife says her skin and hair feel healthy again. I highly recommend it.”


“I don’t drink water from the tap but it’s nice to know that there’s cleaner water coming into my house and taking a shower with it felt better on my skin.”


“Whole house water softener looks good, works great and was easy to install.”

How Does Springwell Compare to Competitors

So you may be thinking, “should I go with Springwell or another brand like Aquasana or Aquaox?”

Let’s compare Springwell’s whole house water filter to Aquasana’s and Aquaox’s. All top brands of whole house filters on the market.

Springwell Whole House Filter:

  • 1,000,000 gallon capacity
  • 4-stage filtration system with catalytic coconut carbon, KDF media, and ActivFlo tech
  • Remove harmful contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, PFOA, PFAS PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, haloacetic acids and more
  • No drop in water pressure
  • Easy to install and low maintenance, replace the filter every 6-9 months
  • Lifetime warranty on tanks and valves
  • 6 Month money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Price: $1643 full retail

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter:

  • 1,000,000 gallon capacity
  • Top 4-stage filtration system
  • Removes 97% of chlorine, VOCs, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvent, and heavy metals like lead and mercury
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Warranty for up to 10 years or 1 million gallons
  • Price: $1600 full retail

Aquaox Whole House Filter:

  • 2,000,000 gallon capacity*
  • 7 stage Catalytic Carbon media + KDF + Coconut Shell Carbon + Garnet + Filter AG + Automatic Backwashing Head
  • Double vortech technology and virus filtration
  • Last for up to 20 years, highest on market
  • 10-year warranty
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Price: $3,000 full retail

As you can see from comparing these features from 3 of the top whole house water filters on the market, Springwell comes in at one of the most affordable and effective.

Overall, if we were going to rate the best overall product without considering the price we would have to go with Aquaox’s whole house filter which has the most innovative filter technology, highest water capacity, and most durable lasting for up to 20 years!

Comparing Springwell to Aquasana and Aquaox, Springwell comes in at the best model for the price where you can get it for around $1000 when it is on sale.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these filters but we would say that if you have the money Aquaox is a good option and if you want an awesome filter at an affordable price this is where Springwell takes the crown.

Alternatives to Consider

We highly recommend purchasing a Springwell product because of the affordable price and top-notch quality/customer service. We don’t think you can go wrong and they are a great deal.

Aquaox is one other option that we rate highly for a whole home water filtration unit if you’re looking for another brand besides Springwell to consider.

Aquaox Whole House Filter


This filter is expensive but the overall best product on the market that money can buy. If money isn’t an issue then this is another model to consider.



After reviewing Springwell water filters we hope you have a better feel for the company and the quality of products they produce.

If you still want to see our other top picks you can view our best whole house water softeners page or our whole home filters review here.

Overall, because of their customer service, affordability, effective innovative products, and warranty, we highly recommend going with a Springwell water filter or softener to make your home water supply clean and pure.

Check out Springwell

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